LAST ORDERS (Day 8 / Saturday 17.06.2017)

The WAVE Trophy 2017 ends with the journey from Lucerne, along lakes Lucerne and Zurich to the city of Zurich. It remains for me to say thanks, because for everybody, and especially for me, this week is only possible with a lot of support.

In the first instance, I thank the doers and above all the helpers on the WAVE: the support crews ride ahead and prepare the ground, laying cables and ensuring power and meals. Louis Palmer and his team leaders tirelessly organise each day and every hour of the WAVE, from early in the morning until late in the evening.

I would then like to thank Volkswagen Schweiz / AMAG for the fantastic E-Golf and the support with plugs, adapters and charging. We were able to pick up the car fully decorated and good to go and we simply have to return it to the courtyard – great service!

I would also like to mention the team of the Grand Tour of Switzerland / Switzerland Tourism: early every morning the texts of my blogs were checked here for mistakes, translated into English (a thank you to Cotext) and published. Thanks are also due to the branch office and to the board for having the courage to get involved with the WAVE. The media presence is the first indication to me that we were right.

Finally, I thank my Zurich Tourism team and my family, my wife and both kids, for allowing me to take the opportunity to swan around Switzerland for a week. Without you I would not be happy today typing my blog with sunburn.

And last of all I thank you, whoever you are who has read my blog. Maybe I could spark an interest in the Grand Tour of Switzerland or electromobility. Or, best of all, both together – it really is a great deal of fun! Bye for now and see you soon.

P.S. You can find all of the soundtracks here on a Spotify playlist:

Today’s soundtrack:

  • Nick Drake: Hazey Jane II
  • Kaleo: Way Down We Go
  • Band of Horses: The Funeral



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