THE E-CONNECTOR (Day 7 / Friday 16.06.2017)

On this Friday our journey takes us from Interlaken to Bern, to the Guetzli tasting at Kambly to Trubschachen, through the beautiful Entlebuch and finally to Lucerne. But today I am thinking of another matter: it concerns my co-driver the Connector (just take a look in Day 4 should his name not mean much to you).

Like most people, myself included, in real life the Connector burns oil, not rubber (as Tesla would phrase it). The Connector is actually the owner of a 700 hp “Gas Guzzler”, which is no stranger to 300 kph. After this week without the howl of the engine and stops at filling stations, the Connector is also partially reformed and ponders on the passenger seat what sort of E-car he should now buy. So together we will now support and help the good fellow with concrete proposals.

The lowest level of his catharsis would be the “E-toy”: the Connector only needs the electric vehicle as an incidental and for fun – it is really not top but all the while better than a Porsche, which normally fulfils this role in Zurich. I can imagine here an EROD or a Tesla Roadster from the start-up days at Tesla. The Rimac Concept One has currently fallen into disrepute. For really acute signs of a mid-life crisis an ENERGICA motorbike is the correct therapy, the driving performance is far higher than any common motorcycle.

The next level of his catharsis would be “E-commuter”: the Connector needs the E-car every day for the journey to the office and back. For family occasions there is still the “Gas Guzzler”. However: still a lot of kilometres every year using electricity instead of oil. Here I can heartily recommend our current tour bus the E-Golf II. But here the range is large, for example from the BMW i3 through the Renault Zoe up to the Opel Ampera-E.

And last but not least, the catharsis level “Reformation”: the Connector gets rid of the “Gas Guzzler” and only hums electrically around the place. Of course, that has to be with adequate speed, the suitability for daily use must be assured and trips abroad with kit and caboodle should also not turn into a scout camp. In my view, there are only the Tesla S or the Tesla X as potential candidates. Whereby the Connector has already commented several times on the unshapely proportions of the X.

Well, switching to an electric vehicle is almost a science in itself. Maybe you have pertinent advice for the Connector or you simply wish to offer him your spiritual support. If so, you can post it on Facebook via #SupportEStecker. By the way, you may find the Connector in today’s set of pictures (Hint: he had to fly off today to a congress in Mallorca).

Today’s soundtrack:

  • Wanda: Bologna
  • Howlong Wolf: Wasting Time Again
  • CRIMER: Brotherlove



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