ON THE GRAND TOUR (Day 6 / Thursday 15.06.2017)

Now I am writing about what I really have more to write about: the Grand Tour of Switzerland. That is – alongside the “E”- the raison d’être on my journey. In the future, I would like to be able to answer to the smug question “Well, did you also set off on the Grand Tour?” with a curt “Yes”. “All of it? “ “All of it.” The nice thing is that I am a customer and at the same time constantly receive feedback from other customers on the tour. The colleagues on the WAVE report to me with praise and criticism of our tourism youngster.

In general the route, the route management and the whole idea are highly praised. I feel the same, I continually wonder at the beauty of our country. Today, for example, on the journey passing Gruyère to Gstaad, a wonderfully delightful region, of which I know too little. “I will come back here soon,“ I think at the time. And quite a few participants also express this thought. The German colleague from Phoenix Contact will come back to Locarno in autumn or the Zurich Tesla driver wants to persuade his family to come on the Tour. The product “Grand Tour of Switzerland” works and meets the expectations of its customers – that is already a solid base. I also note a lot of critical feedback: the Photo-Spots are very popular and are sought after. But apparently they are not so easy to find. In Wildhaus the participants had to use a WhatsApp group in order to find the location. The E- Grand Tour is well-equipped with charging stations, thanks to the efforts of our partner Alpiq. But finding all charging points is, however, a science in itself: different apps and platforms refer to a range of different providers – a far cry from being customer-friendly.

Everyone involved along the route does indeed work enthusiastically to improve the product for the customers. We feel this involvement of the industry at every stop: mayors, tourism directors or even whole delegations all welcome the WAVE. Today, for example, we are welcomed by Martin Bachofner, Director of Gstaad Saanenland Tourism Board, and his team. Marquees are erected, pasta is steaming and we are even granted a guided tour of Gstaad. Our industry appears to recognise the potential of the Grand Tour and supports it. And that is a good thing, even essential for future success.

The WAVE is slowly coming to an end, the last two stages lie before us and a light melancholy from the imminent farewell creeps in. The Grand Tour of Switzerland and particularly the E-Grand Tour in contrast are only just at the beginning. Amongst the participants and the players from the tourism industry I can feel the joy and desire for more. From these embers, together with the whole industry, we must ignite a veritable national bonfire.

Today’s soundtrack:

  • Recondite: Levo
  • Robert Miles: Children
  • The Avener & Phoebe Killdeer: Fade Out Lines


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