THE SCOUT CAMP (Day 5 / Wednesday 14.06.2017)

Today we set off at the crack of dawn, shortly after 6 o’clock, on the train from Zermatt to the car terminal in Täsch. Late in the evening I received a call that our Golf cannot be connected to the power supply. So today we simply start with predominantly kinetic energy and roll to Steg to the CCS quick charger.

Whilst gliding down Valais I thought again about the participants of this WAVE Trophy – actually a good reflection of electromobility in general. There are the freaks, the evangelists of change. For this group, the idea of sustainability and the technology are paramount. That is why that is the main topic of their conversations: watt, charging, solar panels and so forth. Then there is the “Tour Group”: mainly older Tesla drivers from all over Europe who take this WAVE as an opportunity to go on a well organised trip. They enjoy the Grand Tour of Switzerland to the full and also consume its attractions, for example today with a visit to Chateau Chillon or a glass of Saint-Saphorin in the middle of the Unesco scenery of Lavaux. And the third group are commercial participants, who represent a company, a service or a product. That group includes, for example, the company teams of AMAG, Phoenix Contact or myClimate. These teams use the various stage stops to inform the local populace.

But they all move around Switzerland thronged together like one huge scout camp and every day brings the different interest groups closer together. Why “scout camp”? This evening we are sitting in Yverdons-les-Bains in a huge white marquee in a parking lot, local farmers’ wives are serving us roast with gratin and the rain of the thunder storm is pelting on the roof. I feel like I have been unequivocally transported back to my time as a scout. This coming together of people and groups for a common daily schedule also reminds me strongly of the summer camps in my younger years somewhere in Switzerland.

But that is enough for today, I hit the hay once again, before we then set off towards Greyerz. Before that just an enormous thank you to Erich Reichmuth from AMAG / VW Schweiz, who kindly sent me one of his photos from today, but above all for keeping an eye on our E-Golf and helping us with every little worry.

Today’s soundtrack:

  • Elle King: Ex’s & Oh’s
  • Florence + The Machine: Shake It Out
  • Cat Power: The Greatest

Have you already seen the WAVE daily videos?


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